Fight the Winter 2016 BMX Flatland Contest in Göttingen Best Combo Edition

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BMX Flatland Contest in Göttingen Master and Pro
Watch this clip to get a hind of the insanity of the performances at the contest by:
Dominik Nekolny
Alberto Moya
David Hoffmann
Kevin Nikulski
Markus Reich
Martin Drazil
Davis Dudelis
Dustyn Alt
Dan Henning
and many more…

Location Kauf Park Göttingen, Am Kauf Park 2, 37079 Göttingen

Friday 19.02.2016 Open Practice Day 12:00-19:00
Saturday 20.02.2016 Contest Day 10:00-18:00
Registration 10:00-11:00 Warmup 10:00-12:00
Contest Beginn 12:00

Contest floor 15x6m OSB Indoor
+ seperate warm up area 20x4m
DJ’s Bobby Buble & Jimmy J. Jackson Junior
Host Andy Menz
Judges Daniel Fuhrmann, Frank Lukas & Michael Steingraeber